Erotic story : Tales of a naughty house wife


My friend, Anita, invited me to her 30th birthday party.

It was obvious she put a lot of effort into the celebration as her compound was well decorated, there was a crowd and there were also food and drinks everywhere. Since it was her birthday party, she invited most of her friends. I caught a glimpse of her husband, Peter, here and there every once in a while but mostly, he just stayed back and let his wife entertain and have fun with her guests.

Whenever I did see him, though, I could not deny the fact that he was a very attractive man. He was tall, dark, broad-shouldered and toned. He had a beautiful smile but not the kind that might cause people to take him for a fool. He had a quiet strength and confidence that drew me from afar.

As I sat down with a group of four other girls including Anita, I would get distracted ever so often whenever I happened to spot him. He came over to our table twice and each time, I could feel my panties dampening as my body reacted to him. He smiled at me when Anita introduced us and I felt my heart skip when I saw his sexy smile up close.

All evening, all I wanted was a chance to get some time alone with him. Even if it was to exchange phone numbers and maybe we could talk later.

During the dancing section of the party, I noticed that Anita had had one too many glasses of wine. She was moving her hips and showing off her skills on the dance floor. She was not alone. A lot of guests had joined her and having a good time. I was with them too when I noticed Peter walk inside the house behind another young lady I did not recognise. Out of curiosity and desperation, I left the dancing group and followed them. I followed Peter all the way inside to the corridor that led to the bedrooms. I gasped when I notice Peter follow the young lady inside a room and closed it behind them. I did not know who the girl was but I was sure they were not up to any good.

I paused at the corridor, wondering what to do. I must have been there for nearly five minutes when I decided to bite the bullet and knock on the door. As soon as I did, I heard a desperate scuffle inside and Peter opened up. He looked at me questioningly but my eyes were on the young girl who quickly adjusted her clothes and hurried right past me.

“Abby, hi,” Peter said, trying to try for nonchalance. I gave him a steady, intense gaze and he realised I was not there for games. “Please, don’t tell Anita about this, please, I beg you.”

I kept my eyes on him, letting my gaze travel down his chest to his groin where I noticed a very obvious and impressively-sized erection.

“I won’t, if you won’t,” I replied. He frowned in confusion for a moment until I entered the bedroom and closed the door behind me. I reached for his trousers, unbuckling them and going on  my knees in the hopes of finishing what the other girl started. I held his cock and slipped it in my mouth. He moaned. He tasted good. Like pussy. I licked and sucked all the taste from the other girl’s cunt off him until only his taste remained. When I was sure he was clean enough, I pulled up my skirt and walked on over to the bed where I laid. In three steps, he came to me, sliding his cock into my pussy and began fucking me hard.

It felt wonderful. I did all I could to keep from moaning too loudly but it felt too good to stay quiet. Soon, I was thrashing my head from side to side until I came. Not long after, he pumped hard and fast into me, then found his own release.

I slipped out of the room as soon as I could and returned to the dancing guests. I caught the eye of the girl that was fucking Peter before I entered. I smiled at her. She made things a lot easier for me.

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